Real life needs to start being more like video games or fewer people are going to bother with it.

Simon Devon
7 min readJun 21, 2021

Why do you play so many video games? Live a little!

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

Have you tried living? It’s not exactly easy. You have to pay rent. Which means you have to work. Working is fine if you’re able to do something fun or worthwhile. But the chances of you making a decent living from something fun are so astronomically low even bringing up that you want to enjoy your career is laughable.

So you work in jobs you hate to make enough money to survive; even the jobs that make a lot of money are so soul destroying. They take so much time that you have no chance to spend the money you make.

And then there’s society in general. They don’t accept you if you aren’t exactly like them. From the colour of your skin to the language you speak. And even if you’re the same colour and speak the same language, your ACCENT still can make you an outcast.

These things can make people say stuff like “Speak English!” or “Get out of my country!”

Yeah… not really your country though is it?

It belongs to the people who have all the money. And I mean all of it. Seriously nobody else has any. It’s a fucking feudalistic world; A handful of people control all the resources people need in order to live…



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